Photographer 's soul
In photography, I create my imaginary and colourful world.
It is in this scenario that I compose and reveal my emotions.
And in this space, truly filled with lives, light and shadows I learn and discover more about my nature, about you and the soul of things.
In this beautiful and constructive experience it is allowed to find oneself, to amuse, to move, to focus, to defocus, to live, since the real moment can not be edited.
Photograph makes me feel and see shapes at different angles.
Recording moments in one's life is truly special and unique. It is when small moments become what they really are, emblematic and meaningful.
And it is this meaning that I try to express every day in the images that I create, in my photography, in our memory, in the life of these wonderful beings, which is what we really are.
(Francine Nagata)

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